Our Vision

Our vision is to offer every cash and card dependent person and organization a solution that replaces the hassle and security risks with physical cash and cards.

With a digital snap, enabling a whole world of easily accessible services.

Cashless Societies

Today cash is the primus motor for a long list of crimes. Corruption, robberies, drugs and smuggling, just to mention some.  

With our solution we can instantly replace cash and cards in whole communities and even whole countries. 

Some crucial benefits with no cash and cards are:

  • 7x higher transaction velocity
  • fully traceable transaction flow
  • KYC on all parties
  • safer life without any risk for robberies or card frauds  

Personal and instant

With our virtual card service Snap, anyone can send money together with a personal message.

The virtual card can be used to pay in any online check out or physical card terminal. You can also send virtual cards to your friends, family or colleagues, that they can use instantly.

We create a virtual card temporary holding funds. You can do anything except getting cash.

Our virtual card can be a gift for birthdays, Christmas, weddings but also as tool to collect value from multiple sources or persons. 


White label for gaming industry

We offer the game industry a white label virtual card solution.

Enabling a smooth transition from todays physical vouchers to  mobile and online. With our blockchain based solution we can offer full fraud protection and PSD2 compliant KYC for our clients users. 

Parents with gaming kids normally has to buy physical vouchers or use the credit card to pay for their gaming. With our solution we replace the physical vouchers to be digitally created. The parents can refill monthly or just do an instant top up.


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We are located in Stockholm city center, close to Stureplan

Anders Jonson, CEO

Robert Eirfjell, COO

Kungsgatan 3
111 43 Stockholm

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